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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK) is located in Western Europe, and covers an area of 243,600 square kilometers. The Constitution of the UK comprises statute law, common law and conventions. As one of the biggest economies in the world, the UK tops other western countries in terms of GDP, and is an important member country of 120 international organizations like the EU, NATO, British Commonwealth and Western European Union, and is the second largest trade partner of China in the EU. Its capital, London, is also the biggest international foreign exchange market, major international insurance centre, and a world-leading financial and trade centre. To facilitate commercial and trade exchanges with other countries, the UK has also signed the most bilateral tax agreements with other countries.

Advantages of UK Company Incorporation

  • Company title is comparatively free
  • Almost no limitations on business scope
  • Offshore companies only need to submit annual returns; open information, high feasibility
  • Tax-free except for business operations in the UK
  • Permission to deal in property in the name of the company
  • High international legal status; protected by Commonwealth governments

Standard Registered Capital

  • Standard capital is 1 million pounds

Data and Time Required for Incorporation in the UK

  • English name of the company
  • Copies of identity cards or passports of shareholders and directors
  • 5 workdays for registration of new companies
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