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Canada, a country with sound social welfare system and pleasant environment, is a highly popular immigration country for the investors. However, in view of the rapidly increasing number of applicants during recent years, the Canadian Government is tightening its immigration policies by imposing more stringent conditions to the investors.

We keep a close eye on the new requirement under the immigration policies in Canada, conduct timely studies on the latest policies and sort out the assets of investors based on the changes of the policies in order to satisfy the requirements of the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


  • The applicant must have net assets of at least CA$1.6 million including bank deposits, real estate, shares and bonds and the company¡¯s assets etc.
  • The applicant must have at least 3 years of successful experience in corporate management, such as being a corporate owner, or senior manager, within 5 years immediately prior to the application
  • The applicant must invest CA$800,000 in the investment designated by the Government for a term of 5 years

Required Documents

  • Key documents of the company
    • Business license
    • Tax registration certificate
    • Organization code certificate
    • Articles of association
    • Chart of corporate structure
    • Reports on the formation and change of capital verification
    • Financial accounting and related internal control system
    • Significant resolutions approved in shareholders¡¯ general meeting(s) and board meeting(s)
    • Descriptions on key products and services
    • Descriptions on major clients
    • Descriptions on major suppliers
    • Title certificate on the company¡¯s place of operation or lease agreement
  • Financial and tax documents
    • Financial statements for the immediate past three years
    • Proof of bank deposit: bank account opening form, deposit reconciliation statement
    • Inventory sheet for fixed asset
    • Proof of financial assets: monthly statement for such financial assets as shares and bonds or related documents
    • Proof of liabilities: borrowing contracts, charge and guarantee instruments
    • Photo copies of sales contracts and samples of invoices
    • Financial statements and evidences
    • Tax returns and receipts of tax payment
  • Documents for personal particulars
    • ID card and passport
    • Resume
    • Certificates of education
    • Identification documents for the spouse and the child/children
    • Proof of personal assets: real estate, vehicles and financial assets etc.
    • Proof of equity in the applicant¡¯s company
    • Proof of personal tax payment
  • Other required documents
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