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As one of financial centers in the world, Hong Kong is an ideal place for making investment and opening bank accounts for investors. However, banks have different requirements on the formalities for and necessary information on opening accounts. A company¡¯s director may have to spend additional time in making enquiries to the bank for this as he may fail to provide necessary information or is unfamiliar with the procedures for bank account opening, which may cause a waste of time for them.

Sino Corp has established a strong business relationship with Hong Kong¡¯s international banks and courteously provide bank account opening service in Hong Kong. We will handle for enterprises the formalities for opening bank accounts with international banks in Hong Kong and assist them in making appointments with banks and the preparation for relevant documents needed, depending on the actual circumstances of such enterprise . The documents needed may include certified documents from accountants (issued by certified public accountants of Hong Kong), business licenses, director¡¯s declarations and minutes of the board of directors.

Advantages of Opening Bank Account in Hong Kong

  • No restriction on foreign exchange remittance, free transfer of funds
  • Convenience in settlement of international trades
  • No interest tax with a higher actual revenues of deposits
  • Free conversion of currencies
  • Convenient daily account operation and online bank transactions
  • Convenience in getting trade financing from international banks

Required Documents

  • Original copies of identification documents of shareholders and directors
  • Original copy of Business Registration Certificate
  • Original copy of articles of association of the company
  • Common seal
  • Statutory documents for incorporation
  • Proof of the directors¡¯ addresses
  • Business evidence, such as purchase orders , invoices for sales and purchase, contracts, bills of lading
  • Document for opening a bank account signed by an accountant

Methods of Opening Bank Account in Hong Kong

  • By visiting a bank of Hong Kong in person
  • By video account opening
  • Under witness(By QI)

Take HSBC as an example:

  • By visiting HSBC in person: the shareholders and the directors visit HSBC in person. Under normal circumstances, the formality for opening a bank account can be completed on the same day
  • By video account opening: the shareholders and the directors visit a HSBC branch in the mainland China after making an appointment in advance. A bank account would be opened under the witness of a branch staff member. It takes about 15 working days.
  • By QI: the shareholders and the directors visit the offices of Sino Corp located in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Shenzhen and apply for account opening witness service. It takes about 10 working days.

Procedures for Opening Bank Account in Hong Kong

  • Submit a bank account opening application
  • Assign a bank account number
  • Deliver a cheque Book
  • Deliver passwords for online banking
  • Activate online banking password
  • First time online banking registration service
  • Deliver or obtain ATM card and password
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