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Venture Capital ("VC") is also called venture fund. Nowadays, Venture Capital has shifted its orientation from traditional industry to high and new-tech business creation, while high and new-tech field is an important way to gain high investment return.

Characteristics of Venture Capital

Manners of Venture Capital

  • Investment directly in the invested enterprise by installments
  • Procurement of bank loans through Venture Capital Company security
  • Partly loans on security and partly direct investment

Standards of Venture Capital

  • It has potential market
  • Science and technology is specific to market demand
  • It can set up market advantage
  • It can become market leader
  • Its management has talents and foresights
  • It has significant return

Steps to draw Venture Capital

  • To familiar with corporate finance process
  • To show corporate value
  • To prepare business prospectus
  • To promote enterprise
  • Evaluation and due diligence
  • Transaction negotiation
  • To sign agreement
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